Meet Christina Baker Kline during her only scheduled Ohio appearance in 2018!

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2018 Northcoast Writers’ Showcase features “Orphan Train” author Christina Baker Kline

Christina Baker Kline, author of the bestselling novel “Orphan Train,” will be the keynote speaker for the inaugural Northcoast Writers’ Showcase on Saturday, April 28, at Lake Erie College in Painesville.

Kline’s keynote will cap a day in which readers and aspiring writers can interact with several published authors, ask them questions about their writing journey, and attend workshops about the craft of writing.

Participating authors include Funky Winkerbean writer and illustrator Tom Batiuk, local newscaster Romona Robinson, “Dead Key” and “Unclaimed Victim” author D.M. Pulley, and more.

The showcase begins at 11 a.m. in the college’s Arthur S. Holden Center. Authors will have their books available for sale and signing. Throughout the afternoon, people can join workshops led by the authors in attendance.

Kline’s talk begins at 3 p.m. at Lake Erie College’s Morley Music Hall. She will be available for book signing and photo opportunities following her presentation. More information.


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2018 Northcoast Writers’ Showcase Author / Artist lineup

Tom Batiuk, creator of Funky Winkerbean
Cleveland Landmark Publishing,
publisher of Bernie Kosar’s “Learning to Scramble”
Marty Gitlin, author of “The Great American Cereal: How Breakfast Got its Crunch,” “A Celebration of Animation” and more
Barbara Hacha, author of Line by Line and Mulligan Stew: Stories and Traditions of American Hobos
Jonathan Knight, author of “The Making of Major League” and other books on Cleveland sports
Literary Cleveland
Mike and Janice Olszewski, authors of “Cleveland Radio Tales” and “Cleveland TV Tales”
D.M. Pulley, author of “The Dead Key,” “The Buried Book,” and “The Unclaimed Victim”
Les Roberts, author of 23 novels, including his Slovenian detective series featuring Milan Jacovich.
Romona Robinson, television news anchor and author of “A Dirt Road to Somewhere”
Rust Belt Publishing
Carlo Wolff, author of “Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories”

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