Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

Mexican Gothic

This creepy novel revolves around a haunted house that is so thoughtfully described that you’ll be terrified!

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S.A. Chakraborty

The City of Brass

This is the first of a historical fantasy triology that wrapped up last year. Rich world-building and intrigue fill this story of a woman who accidently summons a djinn and follows him to a magical world. The audio version is amazing.

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Matt Haig

The Midnight Library

Lovely commentary on regret and what it means to live a meaningful life. Funny and heart-breaking this was one of my favorites of 2020.

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Clarke, Suzanna


A true novel of the fantastic, where the title character explores his own unique world as it brushes up against our own. It’s a timely story of isolation and discovery.

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Crouch, Blake


The near future science of Michael Crichton meets the reality bending of Christopher Nolan in this fast paced techothriller. A well crafted and thought provoking page-turner.

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