Madeline Hunter

Heiress for Hire

A great start to a new series, this historical romance features a couple of private investigators who learn to work together. No instalove or big misunderstandings, this one is solid and sets up the rest of the series really well.

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Emily Henry

Beach Read

I loved this slow-burn romance. It tackled some pretty heavy subjects that gave substance to the characters and layers to the story, and I stayed up past 2:00 to find out how it ended.

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Jasmine Guillory

Royal Holiday

I am typically not a romance reader, but Jasmine Guillory’s books are funny and suck me in! Her books are a good gateway to romance!

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Alexis Hall

Boyfriend Material

This slow-burn, fake dating romance had me rooting for the characters and eager to know how they were going to get to their happy ending.

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Talia Hibbert

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Talia Hibbert is fantastic. This book focuses on a character who lives with chronic pain and how she jump starts her life by trying things she’s always wanted to. Super funny and satisfying.

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