Welcome to GCPL Genealogy Cemetery Databases. The databases will display best on a desktop/laptop, but can be accessed on a tablet or phone. Click on a book to open the database. There are two databases for each cemetery. One by Name and one by Section and Lot. There is a search box in the upper right hand corner for each database. Additionally, the Name databases have alphabetical tabs that will take you to a page by letter. You can turn pages by using your mouse (swiping on tablet or phone) or by clicking the arrows on either side. There is a zoom button in the lower left hand corner and a full screen button in the lower right.

GCPL Cemetery Databases

Auburn by Name

Auburn by Secton/Lot

Bainbridge by Name

Bainbridge by Section/Lot

Burton Twp. by Name

Burton Twp. by Section/Lot

Burton Welton by Name

Burton Welton by Sec./Lot

Chardon City by Name

Chardon City by Sec_Lot

Chardon Twp. by Nmae

Chardon Twp. by Sec./Lot

Chester Twp. by Name

Chester Twp. by Sec

Claridon by Name

Claridon by Sec/Lot

Hambden Twp. by Name

Hambden Twp. by Sec/Lot

Huntsburg Twp. by Name

Huntsburg Twp. by Sec/Lot

Middlefield by Name

Middlefield by Sec./Lot

Montville by Name

Montville by Sec./Lot

Munson Twp. by Name

Munson Twp. by Sec./Lot

Newbury Twp. by Name

Newbury Twp. by Sec./Lot

Parkman Twp. by Name

Parkman Twp. by Sec./Lot

Russell Twp. by Name

Russell Twp. by Sec./L0t

Thompson by Name

Thompson by Sec./Lot

Troy Twp. by Name

Troy Twp. by Sec/Lot