Jenna from our Middlefield Branch is back with another round of Manga Spotlights

Yona of the Dawn by Mizuho Kusanagi
On the day of her 16th birthday, Princess Yona witnesses her father’s death at the hands of the man she loves. Forced to flee with her bodyguard, General Hak, Yona must struggle to survive outside her idyllic palace bubble and peaceful worldview. But with the new king’s forces calling for her death and routes closing off, how will Yona stay alive let alone make her mark on the world? What is left for a displaced princess? Yona of the Dawn is a series of bonds and betrayal and political intrigue as Yona comes into her own.
Similar series: Basara by Yumi Tamura


Blue Flag by Kaito
Taichi Ichinose has never liked Futaba Kuze. So when he ends up in class with her and his popular childhood friend Toma Mita, he’d rather pretend that she didn’t exist. When Futaba realizes Taichi knows Toma, she admits she has a crush on Toma—and wants Taichi’s help to get them together. Taichi reluctantly agrees to help, but Toma already has a crush. Little does Taichi know he’s Toma’s crush. Or that Futaba’s best friend has a crush on her. Friendship and love lines blur and tangle as Taichi and Futaba start to bond. But will any of their feelings come out happy? Blue Flag explores the complicated feelings of high school friendships and first loves with the extra stress of falling for a same-sex best friend who might not be able to love you back.
Similar series:  Our Dreams at Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani

Beastars by Paru Itagaki
Set in a world where society is literally divided between predator and prey animals, Beastars takes place in a high school where tensions between herbivore and carnivore student species are high. When an herbivore student is murdered, the carnivore students are immediate suspects. For the grey wolf, Legoshi, being feared is nothing new, but as anxieties rise and suspicion is thrown his way, instincts rise closer to the surface. Legoshi must start to confront parts of himself he has suppressed and question whether a desire to be harmless or a bestial nature is stronger. Through the story is an ongoing question—is anyone, herbivore or carnivore, no better than their base natures? Or are there more depths than bestial instincts. Beastars is a mature drama delving into morals vs nature, with characters struggling with their places in their world’s societal system.
Similar series: Devils’ Line by Ryo Hanada

The Fox & Little Tanuki by Mi Tagawa
Senzou was once a great and terrifying fox spirit that terrorized the world with his strength… at least until the sun goddess sealed him away. Now, three hundred years later, Senzou gets an ultimatum: he can have his freedom on the condition he raises an orphan tanuki pup to become a good and just servant of the gods. While Senzou would rather get back to a life of mischief and chaos, he’s stuck either being the reluctant babysitter or losing his powers forever. The Fox & Little Tanuki to life a reluctant, cynical mentor, an innocent and optimistic charge, and a cast of animal spirits where everyone has some room to grow. With its endearingly cute tanuki protagonist and Senzou’s slow journey toward a found family, The Fox & Little Tanuki is a series that can be enjoyed at any age.

Similar series: Happy Happy Clover by Sayuri Tatsuyama