This blog post was contributed by Katy Farrell, Manager of the Bainbridge Branch.

At Geauga County Public Library, we have databases to help your business, make your job search easier, and to help you save and manage your money. We are proud to offer the Candid family of databases, which includes the Foundation Directory Online and Grants to Individuals databases.

Through the end of 2021, you can access Foundation Directory Online Essential from your own home.

Follow this link to access Foundation Directory Online Essential, which offers a limited version of Foundation Directory Online for 24-hour access.

The full database, Foundation Directory Online Professional, can be accessed at the Bainbridge Branch. You do not need a special appointment, just come in and use your own computer or one of our public workstations.

Foundation Directory Online provides lists of foundations that support non-profit organizations. You can search for funders who have donated to causes like yours, those who support other organizations in the area, or focus on the population served. A librarian can get you started with the database anytime, or you can schedule a one-on-one session this fall.

Follow this link to register for a one-on-one session.

Grants to Individuals:

The Grants to Individuals database provides funding information for scholarships and fellowships. You can search for government grants, scholarships that serve students at specific schools, and private foundations that fund specific causes. Are you attending The Ohio State University next year and want to know which organizations fund scholarships? Are you an emerging artist in Northeast Ohio interested in local arts funding? Are you interested in community improvement projects and want to know which organizations support those projects? For all these situations and more, you can use the Grants to Individuals database.

Other Resources:

In addition to the databases mentioned above, Candid also runs the GuideStar website to rate non-profits and foundations, collects 990s on institutions, publishes available Requests for Proposals, and provides training for ways to improve your non-profit or foundation.

All you need is a Geauga County Public Library card to access these resources, and a world of knowledge, for free.

If you have specific questions about these databases, you can contact me at 440-543-5611 ex.2537 or

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