This #MentalHealthMatters blog post, about overcoming some of the challenges of find a good employment fit, was written by Cassandra Thompson. She is the Human Resources Coordinator at Ravenwood Health.

“Tell me about yourself” is typically one of the first and most dreaded questions asked during the interview process. Many candidates interviewing for a position wonder how to answer. Should they tell about their personal life? Maybe they should summarize their resume? I know when I am interviewing a person for the position, I am looking to hear a little more about the person themselves and not their resume.  If the hiring process relies on technology only to screen applicants it limits the imagination for potential new hires, The perfect candidate may have an untraditional career path!  A resume only reflects a person’s work history.

Getting a feel for future goals during the interview is also helpful! Another interview question commonly asked is “where do you see yourself in five years?” The response sometimes may come as a surprise and offers an insight on future goals. The ideal hire is someone who wants to grow with the agency, or their goals aligns with that company’s vision.

“How well do you work with different personalities and work ethics that differ from your own?” With this question I am looking to see if their answer sheds any light on their communication and interpersonal skills in a work setting. Often, we work with different personalities than our own.  If the candidate can give me an example of a situation in which a conflict arose and how the candidate worked with a co-worker to overcome this obstacle it allows me a glimpse of how they communicate and work with team members. Organizations often rely on a team approach!

We all experience situations differently!  And that is o.k. and welcomed! Companies are looking for people who have a passion for what they do and a belief that everyone at the table has a contribution to give.

So do not hesitate to send in your resume to an organization you may be unsure if you are a qualified for! If you feel you are a good fit for the agency’s mission and culture, go for it!  You may be just the kind of person they are looking for and if not, you have the chance to begin connections that could also help you with future goals!

For more help with job searches, check out JobNow. All you need is a library card number and PIN to access!

Cassandra is currently reading Strategies For Creative Problem Solving by H. Scott Folger, Steven LeBlanc, Benjamin Rizzo