This blog was written by Jenna who is an undergraduate student at Kent State University majoring in Advertising. She is currently interning with the GCPL marketing department.

The days of cable television and listening to music on the radio seem to be far behind us. Streaming services have taken over and everything you could ever want is right at your fingertips. While streaming has made our lives easier in so many ways, there are so many subscriptions available that it can be overwhelming. As a college student, I do not want to buy a dozen different subscriptions to keep up with all of my media needs. Fortunately, the library has so many free resources that you can use instead of buying all of these subscriptions.

Hoopla is one of the many resources you can use to fulfill your media needs. Hoopla is a free streaming service for movies, TV shows, music, eBooks, comics, and audiobooks. They have thousands of titles to choose from, so surely you will find something you like. Also, you can access everything on Hoopla 24/7, so you never have to worry about putting things on hold. If there is ever no copy available through the library catalog or Overdrive, then I highly suggest checking out Hoopla because it probably exactly what you are looking for.

I always make sure to check Hoopla when deciding what movie to watch because they have a lot of movies that Netflix does not even have. A couple of my favorite movies they have available are 13 Going On 30 and Daddy Day Care. I had not been able to watch either in years, so I was really happy when I finally got to watch them through Hoopla. Also, I was really excited to see that Hoopla had both The Weeknd’s newest album After Hours and Ariana Grande’s newest album Positions, both released just this past year. Before you decide to subscribe to yet another streaming service that you probably don’t need check out Hoopla because you will be pleasantly surprised how much they have to offer.