Meet Jenna Cisar, a current intern with the GCPL Marketing Department. Jenna came to us in January to put her skills to the test and gain knowledge and experience towards her college major in Advertising at Kent State University. She has contributed great work and a refreshing perspective on what a library means to her.

How is your internship with GCPL helping you to work towards your major?
My internship with GCPL is giving me a lot of real-world experience that I could not get in the classroom. It is really exciting getting to put some of the skills I have learned over the past 4 years to use while also learning new things along the way.

What library resources do you recommend for college students?
There are a lot of great resources that college students probably don’t know about. One of my favorite resources, by far, is It is conveniently located on the GCPL website’s Resources and Research page with free access to any library card holder. This is a great resource for students in practically any major. They have tutorials that can help with graphic design, architecture, photography, business and so much more. All of my graphic design and editing skills I’ve learned from I would also recommend this to high school students who are interested in any of the majors I’ve mentioned. That way they can get a feel for what they’ll be learning and even get ahead of the game.

Do you have time to read outside of your coursework? If so, what is a recent book that you read?
It’s hard for me to find time to sit down and read, so I have become a big fan of audiobooks, and there is a plethora available for free to any library card holder through Overdrive. Listening to audiobooks allows me to listen while doing other things. I downloaded the Libby App from Overdrive to my smart phone so I can have them on the go. The most recent book I’ve listened to is This Is Your Brain On Food by Uma Naidoo, MD. It’s all about the relationship between mental health and nutrition. I am minoring in psychology and love learning more about the topic whenever I can. I found this book to be really interesting and useful so I would highly recommend to anyone else interested in psychology or nutrition.

What are your plans after college?
After college, I plan on applying to jobs in the advertising field around Northeast Ohio or wherever my search takes me. I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life and put my degree to use!

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