Annette from the Bainbridge Branch wrote this blog post about the Chilton Library database, which offers detailed information you need to tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs.

When I started working at the Bainbridge Library 10 years ago as a shelver, I quickly became aware of a section where the Chilton books are shelved. These large volumes contain extensive information on most makes and models of cars for those interested in doing their own repairs. And there are many volumes! I am not a car buff so I cannot say that I was enticed to pull one out and take a look. 

Fast forward to today. I am interested in becoming more familiar with our library’s many online resources, so I went to our website, clicked on “Resources and Research”, and randomly chose “Chilton Library”. I did not anticipate what I would find. The site was easy to navigate and provided ready access to all kinds of information about my car (or most any car you want to enter into the search). For those who want to do their own repairs they have provided detailed information, diagrams, and schematics. For someone like me, I can find the suggested maintenance schedule to keep my car in good shape. And there is a list of the Technical Service Bulletins that have been issued for my car. You can see which ones entail a recall. 

No, I will not transform into a car repair enthusiast. But I will be using this resource whenever I want to know more about my car and cannot recall where I put its manual! 

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