This post was written by Donna from our Bainbridge Branch. She was planning a program for May 4 where patrons were going to create a crafty flower perfect for gift giving. Unfortunately, the program had to be canceled, so she wrote this blog post to help bring a little brightness while also highlighting the amazing resource Creativebug.

What do April showers bring? May flowers of course!

Spring is still here, and we have had plenty of April rain. I decided that since we can’t meet in person to create flowers, I would come up with an alternative option to brighten our May using items that we might already have at home.  



The library provided the perfect option! Creativebug! 

Creativebug is one of the databases available for use with your library card.  It is located under the Resources and Research tab on our homepage.  It is filled with wonderful possibilities to explore and a wide variety of creative activities. 

I searched for flower options and came across a great tutorial called “Paper Flowers: Make a Charm Peony Hair Clip.”

I thought that this was perfect.  I watched the class, gathered my supplies, and was off on my creative adventure! 

As with all adventures, there are always unexpected happenings and lessons learned.   

Some of the things I learned on this adventure were: 

  1. Rotary cutters are very sharp!  Handle with care if you choose this in place of scissors.
  2. Band-aids are a good thing to have on hand. 
  3. Floral tape is very sticky.  
  4. If you don’t have the exact supplies, improvise.   
  5. Choose the colors you like. 
  6. You don’t have to do everything exactly like they teach you.  Use it as a guide and springboard and make it your own. 
  7. Creative adventures have no right or wrong ways of arriving at your destination.   

That is half of the fun. 

I chose slightly different colors.  I did not do the bleach dip and I chose to make mine a flower instead of a hair accessory. What I came up with is pictured below.

I hope you give it a try and post a picture of your creation. Together we will fill May with flowers! 

I am currently reading The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg