By Carol Istenes
Book Review on Blood Trail
By C.J. Box

I have worked at the Bainbridge Library for a long time. At a staff development day in October 2008, there was a drawing for C. J. Box’s new book, Blood Trail. My name was drawn by Donna Fried, the manager at that time. I had the privilege of meeting C. J. Box at a Distinguished Speaker Series Reception on 11-15-08, at the Notre Dame Education Center. He autographed my book. So I started reading it. 

It’s a Joe Pickett novel. Joe Pickett used to be the game warden for the state of Wyoming. He still works for the department, but he goes wherever they need him. He’s governor Spencer Rulon’s go-to man. Joe lives in town now with his wife, Marybeth, and their two teenage daughters, Sheridan and Lucy. Someone is hunting and killing other hunters. This was the third killing this fall. The body was hung in a tree and skinned, field dressed, and beheaded like the elk, deer, moose, and antelope are treated when killed. So Joe, the sheriff, McLanahan, the new game warden, and Kiner, along with a few other people have to track down this killer. 

This was the second time I’ve read this book. It was well-written. I like murder mysteries, to read or to watch on television. I have read other books of his, as well as Richard Castle and Jessica Fletcher mystery books in the past. 

Carol is a shelver at our Bainbridge Branch.