Geauga County Public Library Director Ed Worso. “GCPL serves the citizens of Geauga County and greater northeast Ohio by providing an environment where people are engaged, connected and inspired.”

A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.
–Jo Godwin

It is likely you may have seen this quote. In library circles, especially library social media circles, this is a perennial favorite. It is literally what we in the library field do: select material for the shelves in the hopes that the public will like and engage those materials. But we all know we live in a world where everyone has an opinion, and you can’t please all of the people all of the time. So we buy a book by one author who expounds at great lengths about the goodness of a thing only to have another author publish within a year telling us why that original author was all wrong. Thus, occasionally, best sellers are created.

The library serves everyone. A rich, diverse population of reading interests are served by your public library. I wouldn’t be caught dead reading a paperback romance novel, though 27 years ago I did read one so that I can say I had the experience. I bet only a very few of you gentle readers might find yourself reading The Chicken Health Handbook to diagnose a very gross avian ailment. But you can find them both in the library and everything else in between.

What are some of your favorite offensive titles?

Ed is currently reading Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World