Written by Mary Balog, Youth Services Manager at Bainbridge.

Anna at the Art Museum by Hazel Hutchins & Gail Herbert; Illustrated by Lil Crump

Image result for anna at the art museumChildren will meet Anna, a young girl who visited the art museum with her mother. Since she does not find this place any fun, she decides to entertain herself. She plays peek-a-boo. She runs and shouts and climbs on things. She is bored until she discovers a secret workshop where paintings are studied, repaired, and cleaned. It is here that Anna starts to appreciate art.

In this book, works of Degas, Monet, Seurat, Munch, Cassatt, and many more are scattered throughout the pages. Kids and their parents can learn more about the artwork and its creator in a section in the back of the book.

Most any child will enjoy this picture book. However, it may particularly hold the attention of someone who recently visited a museum or will go in the future.


Another picture book that would go nicely with this is Imagine by Raúl Colón.

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