The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis 

Dragon Adventurine is tired of being stuck in a cave and being told she is too young to see the world and find her passion, but when she sneaks out one day to explore, she comes face to face with a human mage. Not only does she fail to intimidate him, but she also gets caught in a spell that turns her human. Adventurine isn’t happy about her human form, but she does find her passion: chocolate. Armed with dragon-sized determination, Adventurine sets out to pursue her passion and make the best chocolate in the world, and no human silliness is going to stand in her way. 

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart is a quick paced, fun children’s novel with a headstrong protagonist that wholeheartedly pursues her dreams. It’s easy to root for Adventurine’s determination and share her love for chocolate. For those chocolate addicts out there, it’s definitely worth a read. 

Jenna Mansfield is a shelver at GCPL’s Middlefield Branch and an avid Manga enthusiast.