The facilities renovations and new building project is like a boulder that is rolling downhill; it’s now in motion and won’t stop until we get to the end of the ride. Some big hurdles are past us with many more ahead over the next 24 months.

We are nearing the end of the Design Development phase. When it’s done, we will essentially know what the buildings are going to look like. From the DD plans come the Construction Documents that make the drawings come to life including all the sizes and dimensions, what materials to use, how to construct it and in what order. Come the end of February, we will have actual images of new show to the community.

Between now and then, the architect team, construction management team, and library administration team has 13 weeks of intense scrutiny and decision making to attend to. We promise to have exciting stuff for you when this stage is complete.

Ed is currently reading The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis.