This very special Vlog is from Julia Rodriguez, 2018 Geauga County Maple Festival Young Miss Maple. She recounts her experiences as Young Miss Maple, while also informing viewers on where they can find materials related to maple syrup, recipes, and more (hint: the library. Double hint: her mom might check said materials out to you). She also takes a moment to recommend the Emily Windsnap series. Her mom, who recorded the footage, also wrote this lovely poem as a further introduction. Enjoy! Congratulations, Julia! 

Confessions of a Preteen Maple Queen

‘Twas the night before the Maple Festival 
And all through the town
People gathered in the theater
To see who would wear the crown

The stage was all set
Decorated with care
Because everyone knew
The judges soon would be there

And I in my Lularoe
My husband in jeans
Had just settled in
To watch these preteens

When from the front of the room 
There arose such a clatter 
I straightened in my seat
To see what was the matter

Then what to my wondering 
Eyes should appear
My daughter on stage 
Showing no fear

To my pride and delight
They crowned her the queen
My mom and my aunt 
Started making a scene

Now Julia will travel
To serve Geauga County 
And present the many joys
Of our golden bounty

Don’t be concerned 
About her maple obsessions
Just sit back and enjoy
Julia’s preteen confessions