Ed Worso, GCPL Director

In 2017 as a New Year’s Resolution, my wife and I began each day with gratitude exercises. I bet many of you regularly perform similar actions. We are grateful for a lovely morning sun, an unusual avian visitor, the comfort of a cozy fire with a cup of coffee in the morning or the love of an adoring companion. The practice has continued into 2018. I am grateful to serve this community that supports its public libraries. We endeavor to provide outstanding service to the community.

Speaking of gratitude, we are pleased to present the GCPL 2017 annual report. In it, you will find that our numbers are strong. In fact, our numbers have always been strong. You and your neighbors make heavy use of all our resources – and we are extremely grateful for your continued trust in what we do. We focus on providing programming and materials that meet or exceed your expectations.

Because of your generous support in passing our bond issue last November, we will be upgrading all our facilities in the coming few years, including the Administrative Center, previously a non-public building. We are in the process of remodeling it to include a library station with a popular materials collection, computers, WiFi and comfortable furniture. We plan to open it to the public this summer. We are also planning to build new libraries in Bainbridge and Thompson and renovate the buildings in Chardon, Geauga West and Middlefield.

The library is an essential part of the community. We are proud to serve you. And I am grateful to be here.

Keep reading, learning, and growing.

Ed Worso, Director

Here are a few photos of what we’ve been up to lately:


The League of Libraries brought Paula McLain to Newbury Auditorium.

If you give a mouse a cookie… (be careful!)

Reading and creativity look good on these young ladies.