Creating a garden is hard work but what a wonderful job it is. Success in your garden is what you think about your garden’s looks, not what anyone else thinks. This is your playground! All bullies are locked out. You are constantly evolving and changing. Don’t be discouraged; you can do anything you want. Allow yourself to go beyond the normal. Why keep repeating the same old thing? Keep evolving the rest of your life, be a perpetual student – always learning. Growth is contingent upon doing new things.



The more you garden, the more knowledge you gain, the more confident you become, the better your garden and the happier you are. It is a wonderful circle. Confidence comes from not being afraid to fall down or fail but from the knowledge you can get up again and again. You are learning to walk [garden] like a child. Acting like a child is good for your spirit. Come learn about easier gardening through my Gardening 101 class on Sat., May 5, 9:30 a.m. – noon at the Chardon Branch.