This blog post is from Sallie Messerly, a community outreach nurse at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center. Join her at the Bainbridge Branch Tues., April 24, 7 p.m. for her Cooking with herbs program. Here is a preview:

Cooking with herbs can be fun and rewarding. Besides adding unique flavors to foods, herbs also have many health-promoting properties. Herbs also can be diffused, infused and made into poultices, plasters and teas.

Did you know ginger can stop nausea and may also relieve heartburn and bloating? Try adding a few slices of fresh ginger to stir-fries or salad dressings to start taking advantage of its health benefits.

Cooking with herbs doesn’t need to be costly. We’ll talk about how easy and fun it is to grow herbs at home. I also will share tips on keeping your picked or purchased herbs fresher, longer. We’ll talk about the best way to treat different herbs, whether it’s slow-cooking, infusing, drying or using them fresh.


Did you know you can use herbs instead of salt in many dishes? Herbs add a special flavor to foods, and replacing salt with herbs can help lower blood pressure.

The culinary garden at our Bainbridge Branch


Herbs can be used to make delicious butters and spreads, and if you think pesto can only be made from basil, think again! There are many ways to use herbs in cooking, and I will enjoy sharing some of my favorite healthy recipes.

The Geauga County Library offers a great selection of books on herbs. Two of my favorites are The Beginner’s Guide to Edible Herbs by Charles W.G. Smith and The Whole Herb by Barbara Stone.

I enjoy visiting the Geauga County libraries to educate people about health and wellness and hope to see you Tuesday!