(Editor: The following post comes from Nestrs‘ Sarah Karakaian, a professional organizer who was featured on HGTV‘s Beach Flip. She will be visiting a couple of GCPL locations to share her wisdom in the coming weeks. Find out the dates and register here.)

When I was young, I had two passions: performing on stage and keeping my parent’s house tidy.

I declared my dream to become a Broadway actor at a precocious four years old. Voice lessons, endless trips to the theater for rehearsals I was all in. I studied Musical Theater in college and moved to NYC after graduation to start performing. It took endless support from my family, but I traveled the world and was paid to do what I love!

But let’s revisit that other childhood passion. If I wasn’t at a voice lesson or rehearsal, I was probably organizing VHS tapes (alphabetically and by genre, of course). I vacuumed, organized the kitchen cabinets, tiled the basement floor…as you might guess, my parents were supportive of this passion, as well.

As a young adult chasing my Broadway dream, I didn’t have a backup plan. I never thought I would need one. But after 10 years of auditioning and unpredictable income, I found myself searching for something more.

Then, I discovered NAPO the National Association for Productivity and Organizing Professionals. I was intrigued. I joined my local chapter and was hooked. I had no idea my passion and talent for organizing could help others achieve peace in their lives! Since 2014, I have helped people declutter their homes. I have made moving more convenient by unpacking families into their new spaces. I have eased the emotional pain of loss by organizing estate sales.

I have truly made a difference in the lives of real people.

I know that I was lucky to have had the opportunity to entertain audiences as a performer. But now, as a professional organizer, I feel so incredibly privileged to have a direct, positive and life changing impact on my clients.

Your four walls are your third skin. I believe that “home” no matter what that means to you holds the power to define you. My life’s mission is to leave every space I encounter better than how I found it. It’s all about bringing the power of organization and productivity to people who crave order. I believe that helping people transform spaces helps them transform their lives. I think I have the best job in the world.

Sarah Karakaian is currently reading Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier by Ari Meisel.
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