Patron and Domestic Engineer Alicia Taylor wrote a post for our Club Ink Blog on why she loves the library and the positive impact it has on her family. Thanks, Alicia! 

As a homeschooler and avid book lover, the library is one of my favorite places to visit in the community for a myriad of reasons (I can get upwards of 15 minutes of silence while my kids are otherwise engaged; the library hosts several, age-appropriate children’s programs, etc.).  However, it is my instinct to instill my love of the written word into the hearts of my children that makes the library an important part of our lives.  I have taken them to the library every week since they could hold a book, and as a result, I have created Library Lovers.  Few things bring me more joy than when they finish a book and then beg to go to the library, because the next book in their series is on hold and they CAN’T wait another day to get it; I smile when we walk through the doors and they act like they’re on a treasure hunt, only the treasure they are seeking is knowledge in a neatly bound jacket.  The library is a place that has fostered my love of books for many years, and now I love it even more, because it is now fostering that same love in my children.


Alicia Taylor is a full-time Domestic Engineer (a.k.a. Stay-at-Home-Mom) who enjoys managing chaos, homeschooling, and writing. She is currently reading Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis.
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