Ed Worso, GCPL Director

Are you the pack leader for a scout troop and you have been looking for space to hold regular meetings? Do you work with Science Olympiad or another extracurricular activity outside the school and have challenges finding public space free of charge for regular meeting/coaching/training sessions? You are not alone.

Meeting space is a subject that has come up often in town hall meetings and discussions with the public as well as public officials. While it is true the public school buildings have some public meeting rooms, they are often busy and do not regularly house functions or meetings in the evening without making special arrangements, paying an added fee for after-hours custodial attention, or other limiting factors.

At GCPL, our meeting rooms are free and open to the public. Our facilities—along with our staff, should an issue arise—are available evenings and weekends. WiFi, various multimedia devices, computers, and printers are available to all of our patrons for any project needs.

There are some opportunity areas we are hoping to work on, of course. Our branches in Bainbridge and Thompson are in need of additional meeting space. The space available has been crammed into a building built for a much smaller population than we have now. It is inadequate.

 A priority in both locations are some small conference rooms to facilitate small meetings and tutoring sessions as well as larger multipurpose rooms for author events, storytimes, local government meetings and other situations where people may gather. These issues, along with many others, would be resolved using funds from the bond issue on the ballot November 7th.