I have been going to the Bainbridge Branch of GCPL for one reason or another for as long as I have lived in Geauga County — almost 20 years.  For much of the first decade it was mostly with the kids.  Helping or watching them pick out some of the books, music or movies that helped shape the independent and intelligent young women they have become.  For that reason alone it will always be a special place for me.  

But once spring arrives and the weather turns nice, you are just as likely to find me outside the building before or after business hours as you are inside the building when it is open.  When photography is your hobby you are always looking for reliable sources of subject matter and the herb garden at the Bainbridge Branch has over the years become one of my regular photography haunts.  It is close to my home so it is easy and quick to get to, especially when I only have a small window of time to shoot during the golden hours in the early morning and evening just before and after sunset.  Because of the partnership between the Library and the Chagrin Valley Herb Society, the herb garden is for several months every year a reliable place to find a variety of flowers — one of my regular subject matters.  Some of my favorite flower images were captured in the herb garden, from purple cone flowers to daisies to pansies.  But the featured attraction during my visits to the herb garden is almost always the statue of the Little Reader.  She is one of the test subjects for every new camera or lens I get.  No visit to the garden with a camera is complete without at least one effort at capturing a new perspective or framing of the Little Reader.  And over the years, as I watched my daughters grow up, I have watched her “age” in her place of honor in the garden.

All photographs by Raymond Rundelli, who has been a Geauga County Public Library Board trustee since 2006, a Geauga County resident since 1998, a father since 1995, a husband since 1989, a practicing attorney since 1985, and a patron of libraries in Ohio and other places since 1968. He is currently reading The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson.
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