Did you just find out you cannot eat that delicious French toast breakfast your mom always used to make? Or did your doctor confirm you had a wheat sensitivity? Did you realize during your ice cream social that you felt sick and felt like if you did not find a toilet nearby, it was going to be a great story that your friends would never let you live down?

Yeah, allergies.

I recently found out a couple months ago that I could not digest wheat or dairy anymore, and let me tell you how many times I cried about that.

I’m just kidding…I really am a strong human…(I say this as I am hugging my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies that I can no longer eat.)

If you are like me, who has been eating this stuff since I was born, then join the club!

It totally sucks and a transition like this is NOT EASY.

I would rather get sick and eat as much as I want and just deal with the fact that cramps are my best friend. I thought I was all out of options. I don’t know how to make things from scratch! And I don’t want to! I am a poor, lazy college student who wants her Taco Bell at 3am…

Going out to restaurants is even harder. You can’t order what you used to, and now you have to feel like a nuisance when asking for the Gluten-Free menu every time you go out. Ugh.

Sorry, waitress!

But guess what I never knew?


YES. You heard it here, folks! And I am going to show you how your library can literally help save your life…well, that is a little extreme…but if you are like me, you are probably jumping off the walls with excitement.

First, you go to our website, www.geaugalibrary.net (click it!) and click on ‘Catalog’.

Once you’re at the search page, click on the tab that says ‘Everything’ and select ‘GCPL only – All branches’ (not that we don’t like other libraries…)

After you do that, click your search bar and type in your allergy! For example, I typed in ‘Gluten-Free’.

You will be so surprised at the options that pop up for your allergy! Just learning that the library has catered to us ”sensitive” people out there is so great. I learned a couple recipes from some books and even found out a way to turn my mom’s cookie recipe into gluten-free so I can eat them too!

Hope you find lots of goodies while using our search option! Don’t forget you can place holds on your favorite books by selecting the book and then selecting an Action!

Here are a couple favorites of mine that you should definitely take a look at:

This one is a winner due to the fact that I cannot eat wheat or dairy, making this Vegan cookbook a well-rounded choice for me to literally pick and choose everything! I don’t have to scramble through recipes making sure no dairy is added like in a normal gluten-free cookbook.

Advice: Whatever recipe you choose, you can always opt things out for another! It is important to play with your food!

TITLE: The Gluten-Free Vegan: 150 Delicious Gluten-Free, Animal-Free Recipes
ISBN: 9781600940323 (Copy & paste into the search bar on our site!)


This one is really fun! It has bold pages and easy-to-follow recipes! I would consider this book to be for the bold and adventurous; they use a lot of crazy recipes, like how to make your own bagels!

Advice: If you are not sure if you can make a recipe using what you have in your kitchen, google it! I tried making a pizza crust once without a stone and it worked perfect by tweaking the recipe based on what others have tried.

TITLE: Gluten-Free Wish List: Sweet & Savory Treats You’ve Missed the Most
ISBN: 9781452138336


Sam Mackey is a Mobile Services Clerk. She is currently reading goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki.
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