Well, that’s easy. Just wash it when it’s dirty, right?

Many car websites will tell you to wash your vehicle about 1-2 times a month if you live in an area that produces a lot of tree sap, rainy weather with muddy roads, or the worst of them all, bird poop.

Can you guess how many times we wash our vehicles at the library?


We own FOUR vehicles in our garage: the Fun Bus, the Bookmobile, the Lobby Stop, and the Outreach vehicle. It is important to us that we keep these vehicles spic and span for when they see you throughout the day, because a clean vehicle is a happy vehicle!

If we did not wash our vehicles every day, they would wear down faster, and we would have to repair them a lot, which means YOU would see the vehicles less… and less… and lesss… and lessss…..

So we scrub them! Every day, rain or shine, and especially in the snow! We have a garage that keeps us safe from the elements while we clean the vehicles (and we have gotten pretty good at it, if I say so myself).

Embrace that warm and humid weather we foresee ahead of us and scrub those cars! We are scrubbing right along with you!

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Samantha Mackey is a Mobile Services Clerk. She is currently reading So Cute It Hurts!! by Go Ikeyamada.
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