Mobile Memory Lab

The Mobile Memory Lab is a traveling collection of equipment that allows you to capture, record, and preserve important parts of your personal history.

The Lab will be housed at different Branches on a rotating schedule.

January – August 2020 Schedule

Geauga West, April 2 – 30
Administrative Center, May 4 – 15
Bainbridge, May 19 – June 5
Middlefield, June 9 – July 3
Chardon, July 6 – July 31
Geauga West, August 3 – 31

In order to use the Mobile Memory Lab, patrons must first attend an orientation session. Register for upcoming orientation sessions here:

Memory Lab Orientations   Orientions

The GCPL Mobile Memory Lab consists of a Desktop PC loaded with various image, audio, and video editing software, including, but not limited to, Adobe Creative Cloud, Audacity, and GIMP. Patrons must provide their own storage device or use a cloud-based storage program.

What GCPL’s Mobile Memory Lab can digitize:


Audio Formats:​

  • Vinyl​ (33 1/3 rpm​, 45 rpm​, 78 rpm​)
  • Audio Cassettes

Video Formats:​

  • VHS​tapes
  • VHS-C ​(With an adapter that can be used in the VHS player.)
  • 8mm​film and Super 8 film.

Image Formats:​

  • Photos​
  • Slides​
  • Negatives​
  • Large format film​
  • Photos and documents as large as 8 x 11 inches