Four Main Locations, Two Satellites, One Bookmobile

About the Geauga County Public Library

The Geauga County Public Library includes four full-service community libraries in Bainbridge, Chardon, Geauga West (Chesterland) and Middlefield; two library stations housed in schools in Newbury and Thompson; one Bookmobile that serves farms, nursing homes and nursery schools; and one administrative center where technical services, computer services, facilities and administrative functions reside.  GCPL has more than 500,000 books and e-books. The collection also contains more than 100,000 audio / video items and 400 research databases available through its website.

For specific information on each location, click on the photos below to navigate to that building’s page or use the left-hand side menu.

Bainbridge Branch

Newbury Station

Chardon Branch

Thompson Station

Geauga West Branch

Mobile Services

Middlefield Branch

Administrative Center