Thank you to the voters of Geauga County! Thank you to the volunteers, staff and board of trustees who
put forth your time and effort to make this happen for the community.

While I have personally worked on this issue for more than 18 months, the process itself started with
the previous library administration and board of trustees more than 18 years earlier. And if you really
dig back into our history, we have been problem solving the Geauga County Public Library building
situation since our inception in 1962. As libraries all over the world adapt to the changing needs of the
communities they serve, we will be much better positioned to meet those needs in a manner befitting
the citizens of Geauga County.

Our goal remains the same as it ever was: to improve or replace the county's aging library buildings,
offering expanded community spaces, an enhanced collection, and technology resources for all citizens.
The work of reviewing design professionals and construction managers is just beginning. Keep an eye
out for community meetings that will take place in the coming weeks as we engage you and your
aspirations for what you would like to see in this community space. We want to hear from you.

We move forward through the county wide approach to seeking solutions to this challenge. As we invest
in our Branches, we elevate the standards of the entire county. All Geauga’s citizens will have public
spaces where they can meet, learn and grow. We intend to provide high quality buildings and
exceptional service that enable all Geauga residents access to information and materials.

Thank you again.