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Gratitude and the 2017 annual report

In 2017 as a New Year’s Resolution, my wife and I began each day with gratitude exercises. I bet many of you regularly perform similar actions. We are grateful for a lovely morning sun, an unusual avian visitor, the comfort of a cozy fire with a cup of coffee in the...
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Strategic planning: Taking direction from Geauga County citizens

Strategic planning: What Geauga citizens desire from a library Geauga County Public Library embarked on a formal strategic planning process late last year. Since then, we’ve been reaching out to the communities throughout Geauga County, gathering citizens’ ideas and...
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GCPL begins strategic planning. We want to hear from you.

As 2018 gets underway, GCPL is engaging the community in an active strategic planning process. This project has been on my mind since I was hired in 2015. What kind of a community do our patrons want? How can GCPL facilitate those desires? When voters passed the bond...
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The next steps

With the election results certified, perhaps some of you are asking the same question that many of us, the library staff, are asking: What’s next? Acquisition of the funding The Library will issue a bank qualified short-term note before year-end 2017. By delineating a...
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Thank you! The bond issue passage is official

Thank you to the voters of Geauga County! Thank you to the volunteers, staff and board of trustees who put forth your time and effort to make this happen for the community. While I have personally worked on this issue for more than 18 months, the process itself...
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What a night

Though the numbers are unofficial at the moment, it looks like the community has voted to support the library bond issue. Thank you to the voters of Geauga County! Thank you to the volunteers, staff and Board of Trustees who put forth your time and effort to make this...
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Bond Issue 2017: Why do you need more meeting spaces if the public schools already have them?

Are you the pack leader for a scout troop and you have been looking for space to hold regular meetings? Do you work with Science Olympiad or another extracurricular activity outside the school and have challenges finding public space free of charge for regular...
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A further inquiry: Sharing the issues raised at our town hall meetings

As has been advertised in press releases, on our website and in social media, we have held ten town hall meetings at our various locations over the past six weeks. Board Trustees, staff and I have had the pleasure of meeting some folks at these events. We have had...
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Bond issue 2017: Is there ever a good time to be on the ballot?

As this campaign cycle continues to move forward, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their overall support and use of our local libraries, no matter what personal sentiments may be. It’s never easy to ask taxpayers for money, no matter what the amount....
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Can Thompson or Montville residents vote on the library bond issue?

We’re reaching out to voters this November with a bond issue for capital improvements. Although it’s never easy to approach voters for tax dollars, it’s always a pleasure to share how we are able to better serve our patrons as we provide much needed services to all...
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Check out all the great local music in our Geauga County Jukebox: https://t.co/ch5guWfdg0 Have original music you'd like to share? Submit it here: https://t.co/0Bp4a3Ff9x #LibrariesRock

Go on a 100 year journey through the history of Broadway and the American Musical, Bainbridge Branch, Sat., June 10, 2 p.m. Register: https://t.co/MPThuotljl
*This program will also be held at GW, MI, and CH. Check events calendar for future dates.

Today's wedding traditions are steeped in history. Learn about Victorian customs and fashions at Chardon June 5, 7 p.m. Presented by @GarfieldNPSRegister: https://t.co/sJMV7nIAAh

#amreading "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry https://t.co/TPraVUuV50 @OverDriveLibs #GreatReadPBS

All GCPL locations are closed today and tomorrow in honor or our fallen heroes. We wish everyone a peaceful Memorial Day. We reopen Tues., May 29, 9 a.m. #MemorialDay

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